Urethral Perfusion - Home Treatment for Prostatitis, UTI and Urethritis


Urethral perfusion is an effective home treatment for urethritis, urinary tract infections, uti and prostatitis. This home remedy consists of unblocking herbal medicine, anti-infection herbal medicine and perfusion tools. The mixed medicine is perfused into the cavity of the urethra and the prostate through penis or vagina. The home treatment is more specific and target-oriented with much better efficacy than simple oral antibiotic medications.

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Perfusion Treatment - Non Prostate Surgery

The home urethral perfusion treatment is best used for resistant urethritis or acute urethritis. It is also an alternative treatment option for acute and chronic prostatitis. In these cases, bacteria infections do not respond much to oral antibiotics. Lastly, urethral perfusion treatment also applies to urinary tract infections, uti, and urethral infections.

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Theory of Urethral Perfusion for Urethritis

Penetration into the Prostate through Urethra

Since the openings of the prostate glands are connected with the cavity of the urethra, liquid or solution in the urethra can penetrate into the prostate glands through the openings.

Dissolve Blockage of Prostate Glands

Most likely the prostate is either partially blocked or completely blocked in chronic prostatitis. The openings must be unblocked so that the medicine can penetrate into the prostate. The solution of urethral perfusion contains an organic dissolving agent extracted from Chinese herbal medicine. The herbal medicine softens and removes the materials that obstruct glands in the prostate. Only after obstruction is removed, antibiotics can now penetrate into the swollen prostate smoothly.


Eradicate Infection in Urethra

When one is infected with urethritis, the infection is growing in the urethra and moving upstream. Oral antibiotics is not strong enough to eradicate infection effectively and can not stop the infection from developing into prostatitis and epididymitis. The urethral perfusion is the perfect treatment for urethritis because the herbal solution reaches every part of the urethra and kill the bacteria in a much more efficient way. Immediate relief is felt after the first day of treatment.

Recurrent Urethritis

The infection that causes recurrent urethritis comes from prostatitis. The prostate provides a natural hiding place for the bacteria to hide from the body immune system and antibiotics. Urethral perfusion enables herbal medicine infiltrating into swollen prostate and kill bacteria there. Only after the clearance of infection in enlarged prostate, the cure of recurrent urethritis is consolidated.


Theory of Urethral Perfusion for Prostatitis

Prostate Penetration through Urethra

The cavity of urethra is another way for medicine penetrating into the enlarged prostate. The treatment is simple and safe without damaging the tissue of the prostate. The herbal medicine eliminates obstruction of the swollen prostate, reduce inflammation, suppress infection and enable smooth flow of urine.

Treat Both Urethritis and Prostatitis

The treatment cures both prostatitis and urethritis at the same time, so it is especially suitable for acute prostatitis with urethritis symptoms. The reduction of symptoms is instant after each perfusion treatment.

No Damage to the Prostate

The perfusion treatment does not inject to the prostate, so there is zero risk to the prostate. The treatment is also non-invasive, so it won't affect other functions of the prostate.

Eligibility for Urethra Perfusion

Urethral symptoms, such as itchy, burning and stinging sensation during urination, is the evidence of urethritis and is suitable for the urethra perfusion. It should be administered as soon as possible before the infection reaches the prostate. The same for woman urinary tract infections and uti.

Prostate symptoms, such as perineal pain and discomfort, an indication of prostatitis, is eligible for the treatment.

Warning on Urethra Perfusion Therapy

Since urethra perfusion is a sophisticated home therapy, if not properly handled, people could get severe damage from the home therapy such as urethra tissue damage or decay of penis, therefore, people should not try to imitate themselves without instructions and guidance from us.


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